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Watermelon Run

Game Description

  • Name:Watermelon Run
  • Language:English
  • Description:In this water race game online, you need to gather watermelon bricks to construct the bridge to surpass the other challengers. Players need to carry watermelon bricks in the game, find a shortcut on the water, build a bridge and surpass their opponents. The game needs to be played by many people. Of course, players without friends can also match their playing methods in the game. On the whole, the playing method of the game is more happy. In the game, players need to carry watermelon bricks, find a shortcut, build a bridge to surpass their opponents, and there is a combination of props and weapons in the game. For the same purpose, you can also find a shortcut on water premises in this water slide race game. The water gun race game requires numerous people to participate at once. Don't worry if gamers don't have friends to join you in this water balloon race game. You can play this game even without any partner in single-player mode or get relished by playing this watercraft race game in multiplayer mode. Overall, the playing theme of this water race 3d game is very delightful. In the water park race game, players need to collect and carry the substantial watermelon blocks and find an efficient bridge. Remember that it is the only way by which you can exceed your opponents in these water race games. Another exciting thing about this water car race game is that it also features various weapons and props! Good luck, and also play the Tsunami Escape game!