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Amongus Escape

Game Description

  • Name:Amongus Escape
  • Language:English
  • Description:Among Us Escape is a challenging time managing game in which you have to survive for as long as you can, constantly repairing your escape spaceship. You have escaped the crazy situation with all the impostors of the multiplayer online game Among Us, and now you are alone in your own ship. Apparently there is an imposter on the space station and he is causing a disaster. Electricity, oxygen, gravity and engineering systems are collapsing. If not repaired in time and the impostor found, everyone at the station could die. Fortunately, you were able to flee the space station using the last remaining space shuttle. You will be in charge of ensuring that everything works properly. To achieve this, you must complete the tasks and keep each space station system repaired. Keep everything in order until they find the impostor! Enjoy playing Amongus Escape in toctoc games. An Imposter was found Amongus,You were able to fled from the space station using the last remaining space shuttle.Maintain the space shuttle for as long as possible by constantly repairing the Engines,Electricals,Gravity and Oxygen systems. Try to move fast to keep your spaceship working and escape for as long as you can to earn points. Stand on the circle in the middle of the ship to increase your points faster, but don’t forget to go work on the engines. Have fun and good luck playing Among Us Escape.