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My Talking Angela

Game Description

  • Name:My Talking Angela
  • Language:English
  • Description:My Talking Angela gives you all the benefits of having a real cat, without the baggage. It's a virtual pet game in the same vein as My Talking Tom, where you get to feed, groom, nurture, dress, and play with the sassy star of Talking Angela, Tom Loves Angela, and Angela's Valentine. My Talking Angela is a virtual pet of sorts – a fairly demanding one at that. She’s a cute kitten that soon grows into an adult cat and offers the style to go with it. A lot of the time you’ll be feeding or bathing her, as well as brushing her teeth and playing games to keep her happy. Each of these activities is fairly well laid out, meaning that by glancing at the relevant bars, you know exactly what she requires you to do.My Talking Angela is very simple to play, making it ideally suited for kids, even the younger ones. All of the various parts of the app's menu are explained well when you first start using My Talking Angela, mini game controls are ultra simple, and the menu icons are large and clear.When you perform certain tasks, items bounce to indicate that it's time to use them. For example, when you're soaping Angela's body the shower head starts to jump slightly to show you that it's time to rinse her off. It's a subtle yet helpful way to indicate what to do next.My Talking Angela is a bit too simplistic to recommend to anyone over a certain age. This is a game that’s best for young children who want to feel like they’re caring for something. Adults, on the other hand, will soon find themselves quite bored by what this game has to offer.