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Game Description

  • Name:Dr. Driving
  • Language:English
  • Description:Dr. Driving for PC is one of the best driving games that you can play for hours on end. The game is visually very appealing, and comes with great graphics. The user interface is also very smooth, and will keep you occupied for hours. You can even sign in with your Google account, and enjoy playing the game online, with other players.With the Dr. Driver game, users can learn the rules of the road and have fun. While other games focus on the chaos of driving, Dr. Driver has a more civilized approach. Players must safely travel through the map, abide by traffic laws, and find parking without getting into a collision or being stopped by officers. Controlling the car is a challenge, but the pedals and steering wheel can be customized to the player's preference. With great driving, gamers are rewarded with points that they can use to upgrade their vehicle and make repairs. When you are playing this game on Multiplayer mode online, you can compete and with others, and if you can finish the mission before your opponents do, you can win free gold! You can even login with your Facebook ID and share your high scores with other friends who play the game as well. And upon installing this game, you are provided with 100 Gold to start off with. And you can even invite your friends to install and play this game if they aren’t already doing so.