Subway Surfers

Game Description

  • Name:Subway Surfers
  • Language:English
  • Description:Subway Surfers is an endless action game for both iOS and Android presented by Kiloo & Sybo Games. Jake the main player is a teen vandalizing a subway bus, and a mad inspector and his pitbul try to catch him. Jake and his friends must run away from the cop chasing them. Since the name “Canabalt” has already been mentioned, you probably already understand how this game works. It’s a never-ending runner with random levels spawned each time you start it up. That’s the premise down, so what’s the special hook? Okay, instead of using a constricted and small path, there are three lanes where you can control the little kid in the game. Within these three lanes, there are obstacles in the form of long tracks, all the while being littered with valuable coins as well. So the real challenge here is your leading and flicking reaction, as anything slower than almost instantaneous will end the game for you. These players have the same abilities, the only difference is their looks. Some of these characters are available for a limited time only, however even of the time is up they can be bought by using time travel cheat. This kind of control and assurance kind of hooks you in as you keep playing just to get better at it. The power-ups also shine in this game, as they are really designed to push you just a little bit further when collecting and running.