Game Description

  • Language:English
  • action game has many diamonds, and you need to collect them to increase your size bigger than others, Be aware when you collect diamonds! SquidGame IO is the newest game inspired by the horror story on Netflix, which improves perfectly with the activity of IO games because as you can see the whole activity of the IO game is closely related to the characters in Squid Game. is an action game to play. It is convenient for the kids to play the squid game cast. Here you have to collect the diamonds that appear on the screen to gain your character bigger. That is an adorable and colorful game. There you can enjoy the multiplayer game. There are a lot of color diamonds available, and you have to collect them. To collect them, you just click over the screen to the correct turning point. There are many other players also running on the track with different squid game costumes. So, if you collide with them or the border of the tracking area, you will lose the game. Then you have to start from start the .io game. When you collect more diamonds, your character will be significant; that time, your risk also increases. So, be aware when you are big. It has excellent animation and music also that make you pleasure mindset. The adventure game will be one of the best games for you. Try out now and enjoy!