Scary Horror Teacher

Game Description

  • Name:Scary Horror Teacher
  • Language:English
  • Description:Here is another horror title, where you are the one to enter a house of your neighbor and find out the secrets, while playing some nasty tricks as a revenge. Now you are a smart student, who has an angry teacher. This teacher, Miss T, seems to like mocking and torturing her students, and there is no way you can allow this to continue. Despite the fact that this is a story about a student, who decides to punish the worst educator, it is more funny than scaring, therefore the title will do well even for small players. You will sneak into teacher’s flat and do your best to frighten her just like she used to frighten you. This won’t be simple sometimes, but the overall playing experience is guaranteed to be pleasant in Scary Teacher 3D.This game is fun oh my gosh I can't tell you how much it is it's like oh my God and my heart every time she coming to take me if it just keeping by boom boom boom that's what keeps me going and playing cuz it's good to try to mess up the Horrible's teacher life. The teacher has moved into the player's neighborhood. In this hair-raising game, Now the strange thing is that the scary teacher has moved her house and become your neighbor. So you decide to take this perfect advantage and to teach the teacher a lesson by scaring her at the help of all kinds of creative strategies. There are 15 different rooms and mysteries available in this game. You can do different stuff in different rooms and complete different missions in different places. The player is on a mission to get revenge for all the students that have been threatened and tortured by this wicked teacher. This game follows the story of an evil teacher and her genius student. This horror themed game travels through Scary Neighbor Teacher or Ms. This is the Game I have played till and I like this game very much and this game has a house of a scary teacher and that are tasks are little hard and fun it doesn't have any little tricky game.Have fun while trying to infuriate your dreadful high school teacher. With vivid animation and intriguing sound effects this game comes to life. The player becomes immersed in the addictive game play. The game features Halloween decor which adds to the spooky environment. Good Luck!