GTA Grand Shift Auto

Game Description

  • Name:GTA Grand Shift Auto
  • Language:English
  • Description:Grand Shift Auto is the free play shooter game in which you are a gangster released on the streets. What you do is completely up to you; you can complete a number of different missions or simply get out your guns and terrorize the streets.GTA gameplay in the city location. Take your best guns, rifles, shotgun, machine guns and make chaos in the city. Steal sports cars and ride through the city. There are three mission in the game and shop of weapon. At the airport you are available helicopter and airplane. You will start your challenge with a long story. You stole your car and robbed the bank and were arrested by the police. After escaping the prison, you will continue your work again. Get ready to fight the police and rob a lot of money. This is one of the dangerous games and requires you to be really careful when choosing this game to conquer in your free time.Play as rockstar criminal gangstar going crazy on the streets and just shooting the cops using lots of different weapons. Steal cars, shoot enemies and Have fun with Grand Shift Auto! Explore a BIGGER CITY and enjoy this FPS game like GTA ! As you run riot on the streets make sure you keep an eye on your health as you will die if it reaches zero. Jump behind the wheel of a stolen car or run around the streets on foor. The world is your oyster and you are determined to make a mess of it. Have fun!