Super HitMasters

Game Description

  • Name:Super HitMasters
  • Language:English
  • Description:Super Hitmasters is a cool aiming and shooting game that takes you through lots of levels packed with enemies to kill with just a few bullets. Use your head and find the way to eliminate five enemies with two bullets. Keep in mind they bounce off the walls and you can also use objects placed on the field to squash their heads or just blow them up. We must shoot the bad guys! In this shooting game, you must shoot the bad guys in each level. You only have a limited amount of ammunition though so you must be very efficient with your killing. There are multiple modes in the game, the first one you'll start with is the shotgun mode. Each mode uses a different weapon and different levels. The shots fired by the shotgun can bounce off of walls. You must use the bounciness to your advantage to hit some enemies with your shots.SuperHitmastersMuch Fun! Super HitMasters is a game where you will have to shoot some enemies! Shoot some TNT to explode or even use around objects to complete your mission! Every 5 or 10 levels you complete you get a special round to get lots of coins! After that, you can upgrade or purchase new skins to use in battle! This awesome game offers you different modes, like the shotgun mode, the gravity mode, which gives you the chance to play with a futuristic weapon that attracts objects, and the classic but very fun ricochet mode. Can you pass all levels with three stars and unlock all the skins and weapons? Have fun playing Super Hitmasters! Do you think you are up to be the best shooter? If so then have fun and good luck playing!