granny chapter2

Game Description

  • Name:granny chapter2
  • Language:English
  • Description:Are you ready for another twist of the legendary horror adventure? Than welcome to Granny Chapter 2! Once again you will encounter the mad old lady who locks her victims in her house and hunts them all over the place. You will have just five nice to get out. Search the building looking for any suitable objects that can be used to unlock the front entrance. Watch out – granny will always be nearby ready to knock your brains out with her heavy bate! Survive in the horror night vs Granny, keep calm and shoot the ghosts! Use mouse to aim and click to shoot, If your weapon is empty, just reload and hold on so much as you can. You also can play in this game on your mobile with simple tap control. Granny: Chapter 2 is a sequel to the spooky Granny game most players have encountered in the past. This new one is creepier because Granny has Grandpa with her to beat your soul out in the house. Start off with the practice mode because you need a good visual image of the entire house. Don’t barge in right away. Study the room layout and items. The house is not so huge but the design is tricky and you might just get trapped with the two old folks inside one room. The practice mode doesn’t have Grandpa or Grandma in it so relax and check all the rooms before playing the regular mode. As you start in Granny: Chapter 2, the sight of either old folk might scare the wits out of you. So repeat those encounters until you are on to them popping anywhere inside the house. As you solve the puzzles, you must remember that they may be old, but their hearing is very sensitive. Move discreetly because once Grandma hears the faintest sound, she will come running at you. Grandpa, on the other hand, is not good with loud noise, so their combination makes them hard to misdirect. Make use of the security cameras inside the house to help you spot the two. Remember the objects and their location. Create a stash room for all items you need to find as you can only carry one item at a time. This would be the couple’s room as it has many escape spots when you are stuck in there with either one of them. Have a nice game!