Game Description

  • Name:Corona
  • Language:English
  • Description:You play a role of a savior Virus, which is intentionally injected in a Covid-19 patient to fight against Corona Viruses & kill them. Your goal is become virus with biggest nose. If your nose touches & kills corona viruses, your nose will explode and you will get another point. But if others virus's run into YOU, then you are defeated and game is over. Take control of an experimental virus that’s just been injected into an infected patient. Hunt down any infectious agents you spot, but watch out for the viruses controlled by other players. You can destroy them, but they can also destroy you! There’s daily bonuses along with different modes and challenges to try out as well. Fight to prevent both humanity and the world economy from plunging into darkness, despair, and endless quarantines in Corona! In, it"s time to end this pandemic for once and all! The doctors have developed a cure, and it"s your job to kill the viruses in this competitive game. Take control of a savior virus, and destroy everything! The pandemic is forcing people to stay inside their homes, but luckily, there is a cure now! Your objective in this game is simple. You try to kill as many viruses as you can. You can play this game with your mouse. When you start the game, pick either the online or the offline mode, after picking a character skin and giving yourself a name. In the offline mode, you fight against bots, while in the online mode, you play against real players. To kill others, you should attack them from behind and stab them with your horn. When you"re in the right position, you can dash at them for a surprise attack! With each virus you kill, your horn becomes bigger. Try to collect stars, as these can be used to unlock new character skins and online game modes. Good luck!