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Despicable Me: Minion Rush

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Game Description:
     Minion Rush is fundamentally a laned infinirunner: You control your character (Dave, everyone's favorite minion) by swiping back and forth across the screen, shifting him between parallel lanes that wind their endless way through the game's three environments – Gru's futuristic hideout, the bright and sunny suburbs and El Macho's Aztec-themed lair. Along the way you have to dodge obstacles that block certain lanes, leap over low barriers and duck under obstructions, all while grabbing as many bananas as you can. In a nice divergence from other games in the genre, the lanes in Minion Rush aren't always next to one-another; one might break away from the main track or come to a sudden end, forcing you to dash Dave onto a different lane lest he plummet to his demise.Beyond the basic endless running mechanics, Minion Rush also sports a number of minigames to keep gameplay interesting. One has you face off against Gru's nemeses from the movies, dodging robotic attackers and hurling their own bombs back at them. Another finds you rocketing into the air on a fluffy unicorn, tilting your device to steer through a deluge of bananas. They're engaging and a nice change of pace, but they reveal one of the game's few flaws: jerky and somewhat unresponsive tilt controls.

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